Fleet Driver Training: Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions represent the basis upon which Valerie Smithson; Fleet Consultant offers assessments and driver training. The Consultant is Self Employed and agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

1. General Conduct.
Your Driver Consultants is bound by a professional code of conduct. Your trainer/consultant will be courteous, polite, tidy and punctual. He/She will be well maintained, clean and tidy. Should a vehicle be provided for training, it will be fitted with dual controls, as part of their standard equipment. The cars are fully insured for driver training. Consultants will NOT smoke in the car while assessment/training takes place, nor will any time be taken for any other form of business, personal or otherwise.

2. Qualifications.
As a minimum your Consultant/Trainer will be licensed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to provide FLEET TRAINING and will be fleet registered.

3. Driving Licence and Eyesight.
Drivers must hold a current, valid full Driving Licence for the class of vehicle being used on the training day, which must be produce on the day of the training session. The driver must also check that they can read a number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres (i.e. 67 feet, about 5 car lengths) with glasses if normally worn. If they are unable the training assessment or training will be cancelled and full payment made.

4. Payments.
Payments, in accordance with agreed rates for services provided will be electronically invoiced and should be met within 21 days of the date of the service provision by the contracting company.

5. Cancellation Fee
A cancellation fee of the whole daily rate fee will be payable should the training or assessment be cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. The Cancellation feel will be charged at half daily rate for cancellation of any assessment or training should it be received in writing (letter or email) with a minimum of 48 hours notice of the agreed date and time of the provision date and time.

6. Trainer Availability
In the event of the consultant/trainer becoming unavailable through circumstances beyond their control (generally ill health or injury) a new date will be arranged with the company without penalty.

7. Use of the Consultant vehicle
Should the contracting company require the use of the consultant trainer’s vehicle a day charge of £100 to cover insurance, wear and tear, fuel etc will be charged to the contracting company. Half day charge will be £60. Should the vehicle be damaged during training, the contracting company agrees to pay any excess.

8. Punctuality
Each consultant trainer will arrive at the training premises in good time to meet the contract training needs for that day. Should the consultant trainer be late (for reasons beyond their control) for the commencement of the training, he/she will extend their day to accomplish the agreed training. Should the driver undergoing assessment or training arrive after the agreed time, a reasonable time will elapse (30 minutes) before any additional charge could be made. Contact will be made with the company to advise of a no show of a driver in the first instance.

9. Comfort and Safety.
In the interests of comfort and safety drivers are advised to wear suitable footwear and clothing, which does not restrict movement. They must also take note of any medication they are taking that may affect their ability to drive safely and advise their consultant trainer accordingly before training commences.

10. Unfit to drive through drink/drugs
If your consultant trainer suspects the driver is not fit to drive through taking any drugs, (prescribed or not), he/she will terminate the training session and the FULL fee will become chargeable. If the driver is in any doubt he/she should bring their medication carton/container with them to the training session, to show the consultant trainer, thus pre-empting any problems. Similarly, if the consultant trainer detects any driver is unfit through drink or drug, the session will be terminated and the full fee chargeable.

11. Complaints.
In the event of a complaint all efforts will be made to resolve the problem directly with the consultant trainer, verbally in the first instance, or alternatively in writing.

12. Your Statutory Rights.
Nothing in these terms and conditions will reduce your statutory rights relating to the service provision of the training or assessment. The Consultant Trainer has a statutory obligation to provide the services that are fit for the purpose and as outlined previously in letters of intent (or similar documents).